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A Poem From Home

10 Jan

Hola mis amigos, como se van?

I want to toss out two things quickly and concisely:
1. I’m very sorry that its been more than a month and a half since my last post. As daylight lessens, so does my ability to not lie in bed and watch on-demand Showtime and roam the interweb with my iPad (in all honesty I ‘m sorry for not letting you know what’s been going on).

1.5. That #1 was pretty inconcise.

2. This post will be devastatingly brief. Sliding past the details, this week has been stupid busy and when I speak with you I want to be able to sit down and have a meaningful conversation.

“A Briefing in Verse”

Over the past six weeks, my world has been improvin’
By the grace of God and friends, I can feel my hip flexors and gluts a movin’
I began the ABLE program, which is inspired and nearly proven
Though the answer to staying awake I still find quite pertubin’

Ironic it was to find a TC article yesterday,
For it was 6 months before when I dove into too shallow a bay
Now with the help of the heralded and renowned Star Tribune,
For future boat side divers, to an SCI they will be immune

Though this poetic form is forced and truly quite obscene,
I’m glad to share with you again, to let you know how I’ve been

Until next week, much love and thanks to all.


Started the ABLE program, acupuncture and continued my therapies and can’t produce the deserved times to communicate with you tonight.