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Just Cuz

29 May

Bon jour, my amigos
Its been a bit over a month since we last saw each other and as always, many little things have happened and the weeks go by ever more quickly. But on this night you, you **** fine people, need not read my hyperbolic sentiments. As you will soon see, my older cousin, Michael Drimel, is temporarily shifting his career to creative content creator.

Without further ado, Mr. Michael Drimel….

What up blogosphere. This is Mike Drimel (Thomas’s cousin). Thomas has allowed me to write an update on his behalf given it has been awhile since the last post and the man himself just had a birthday over Memorial Day weekend.

I was with Thomas when his original accident occurred last summer, saw him in January after he had first settled back in Minneapolis, and then again this past weekend. So given I’ve been around for a bit, I thought I’d share some updates on the progress I’ve witnessed as well as a story or two regarding the slammin’ party that was had at the Cloyd residence for the birthday boy.

When Thomas strolled into the house this past Friday afternoon, I could already see a difference from my last visit. First off, in January Thomas needed some assistance to make the uphill climb into the back entrance of the Cloyd residence in his manual wheelchair whereas on Friday he rolled in smoothly and confidently without assistance. He also spent about 90% of the weekend in his manual chair instead of the power chair, which was a complete 180* from back in January. He can now make transfers from his bed to his chair and can also transfer in and out of taxis (more on that in a second). Also, that booming Cokely voice that we all know and love has come back in full force as Thomas continues to regain use of his diaphragm.

These things all came out nicely when Thomas had people over for his birthday. The Cloyd house was alive and well with people socializing and eating an overabundance of Mexican cuisine. Thomas was in rare form telling outlandish tales and cracking jokes with no abandon. After we got our fill of food, stories and Uncle Cokely’s wine collection (just kidding), we headed out to the bars of Minneapolis. First stop was Psycho Suzy where the group sat at a lovely outdoor patio where the food and drink kept on a flowing. Then Thomas, who was in no mood to see the night end anywhere near 12am, forced some of the braver partygoers onto the next spot. This German pub turned dance party at night was a lot more rowdy and Thomas fit in nicely by making his own dance circle out on the floor. He in fact did close the place down and may have even got his dance on with a lady or two. We then all grabbed a cab home with Thomas perfecting his board slide technique from his chair to the cab and finished the last of the Mexican food before crashing for the night. The party was a huge success and it reminded me again no matter how hard I try, my cousin can always out party me (there I said it).

As Thomas has continued his recovery over the past year, one thing has remained constant-the dedication of his family. Cokely, Terri, and Elizabeth were all around for the birthday weekend and all had a hand in its success. I apologize in particular to Cokely and Terri for any of their possessions that may or may not have been destroyed at the party.

Keep on making moves cuz and I look forward to where you are headed to next.

-Mike D.

P.S. Don’t forget the golfing event of the century, the TC Classic, which is going down June 21-22th at the Monticello Country Club. Check Thomas website ( for more details and see you there! Places in the golf tournament are going fast so register today.