A buzz is quietly growing around Philadelphia by way of CT musician/producer Matt Tripodi AKA FLOTE’s glitched out yet natural brand of electronic hip hop. As part of the Philadelphia crew Altered Ego Collective (w/ chris∆re, Beam&Deem, Binary Bits, Nommo) FLOTE (AKA Dome Wrecka) cuts no corners, crafting synths and meticulously polishing every sound making sure nothing is overlooked or compromise

d. Instead of focusing on a single emotion, a FLOTE production usually melts many contradicting emotions into one, at times creating an overwhelming state of nostalgia that is truly rewarding for the listener.* If you come to a FLOTE show you can be sure to expect an audible orgy of all kinds of ill frequencies, but don’t expect to hear other people’s material. I’m a musician not a dj.