Through the Eyes of Another

7 Sep

Hello all. Let’s keep this one short because another post is coming through the pipes.

Jason Curry is a good friend of mine and a semi-awesome guy. I asked him to write a post from his perspective after spending about a week with me in the hospital. He worked for 2.5 years as an advertising copywriter for Leo Burnett. So direct any complaints regarding the humor, logic or quality of this post to the company.

By Jason Curry
August 30, 2012

Over the last week we’ve been filming some of Thomas’ rehab work: A) to document and remember what Thomas has gone through here (not really) and B) to send a video into Jamba Juice to try and trick them into sponsoring his recovery. We figure if Terri Cloyd has gone into the Madison Jamba Juice 4+ days/week for the greater part of six weeks there is a pretty solid chance they’ll agree to it.

Less importantly than the above, Thomas is leaving the hospital for good today. He is officially the most tenured patient in the rehab unit; so basically, he’s been running the show. And somehow this gave the nurses license to mess with him. On Sunday he woke up with his right big toe painted red thanks to a nurse named Mary. Then on Wednesday, the day before discharge, he woke up with his left big toe painted turquoise thanks to an old little Tibetan woman named Neelam (also a nurse; I have to say that for quality assurance purposes). Thomas will get them back someday. He doesn’t know when and he doesn’t know how, but it will be way over the top.

Alright, gotta run… roll… out of here, tis a glorious day and it’s only up from here. Thomas again says thanks to everyone for the amazingly thoughtful cards, care packages, movies, etc.


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  1. Audra & Amanda September 9, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Thomas, So glad to hear that you are in the company of good friends. I hope we get to meet Jason some day and see in person if he is as witty as you. Lots of love, Audra & Amanda.