Total Recall

4 Aug

Hello all. I hope you are doing well. I apologize for the lack of posts over the past week. I’ve been busy with rehab, visitors, and some expected complications. As an update on my function, I now have sensation in 3/5 of my fingers in my left hand and 2/5 in my right hand. I’m told that this is the first sign of regaining finger function.

I’ve been using different types of medications and exercises to regain finger movement as quickly as possible. I’ve also identified a manual wheelchair that has most of the functions that I require. Its tiring, but fun, to roll around the hospital in a manual chair.

This weekend, Aug 3-5, my good friends Ryan Ball, Clay Herman, Abbey, and Eric Anderson came to visit. We went to see a movie-Total Recall (awesome!). Getting out of the hospital is always nice! We hung out and laughed just as we did before the accident.

Two more weeks of in-patient rehab and then its back to Minnesota before I know it.

Thanks again for all your prayers and positive thoughts. I truly appreciate them.


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